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Frisbee Ride HFBC06

  • Model: Park Model
  • Use range: Mainly used in parks, large amusement parks, closed communities, schools, garden-style hotels, resorts, villas, pedestrian streets, shopping malls, etc.
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  • Frisbee Ride - HFBC06

    Suit: teenage+adult
    Upper Drive
    Load: 12 peoples
    Height: 5.5m 
    Diameter: 6m 
    Power: 15kw 
    Voltage: 380V 
    Area size : 8*8m
    Biggest angular:±75°
    Wheel diameter:3m
    Include LED lights
    Package 40HQ

    Passengers sitting on top repeatedly swinging, it is soul-stirring, often many people can not help but exclaim and laughter, greatly improving the atmosphere of the playground, so that the surrounding passengers eager to reluctant to leave. Such equipment is quite popular amusement device, its novel style. Beautiful appearance, smooth operation, swing amplitude, the most important is a certain degree of excitement, welcomed by the majority of tourists.

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