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Trampoline Ride HFBJ03

  • Model: Park Model or Trailer Mounted
  • Use range: Mainly used in parks, large amusement parks, closed communities, schools, garden-style hotels, resorts, villas, pedestrian streets, shopping malls, etc.
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  • Trampoline Ride - HFBJ03

    Rated load: 4 person

    Advantages: smooth non-toxic, odorless, harmless high-grade mats, can be used as a wide range of children's toys, but also as an ornament, with beautiful, light, non-wrinkle, not open, wear-resistant, durable, environmentally friendly Antistatic, antibacterial. This product is imported PVC, high-density high rebound soft material, colorful, smooth and soft, not damaged, good elasticity, safety and durability, high resilience, good toughness, good tensile strength. Soft, sound-absorbing, shock-absorbing.

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